“Diversity is not just a social justice issue. Diversity is a formalist issue. Diversity makes better art, as it is truer to the world. The world is diverse. If the art our culture produces does not have the diversity of the world it pertains to show, the art is failing us.”
Kieron Gillen

[Video: Minorities Need Access To Jobs That Get Their Stories Told by John Leguizamo for Big Think]

“I don’t think it is bad for them to be challenged to think outside their boxes. … I don’t think it will reduce their work for them to think, What if I cast this person as a Latina?“ – Constance Wu

Because of the lack of opportunity, people of color often find that they have to create their own means of having work and exposure such as Lin Manuel Miranda with his play ‘Hamilton’ that only hires people of color or how the BET Network was founded.