Hello, today I wanted to talk about colorism in movies, television and music videos. Now this is a very complicated issue and a lot of people deny the existence of so I know many of you might now even be familiar with the concept so I’m including links to definitions, two videos and a slide. In the first video it gives a brief and colloquial explanation based on personal experience, in the second it will relate more to the film industry for those unfamiliar with the terms the slideshow explains the concepts of the categories for black women. It’s an issue that is slowly being addressed more and you will hear about it over time as more celebrities like Katy Perry move the conversation to a wider audience by using the term mysoginoir. Mysoginoir is the type of misogyny that is also based on race directed to black women, such as Leslie Jones was victim to recently {more on that here}.

[Video: Colorism by Philogynoir]

[Video: Confessions of a D Girl by Chika Okoro for TedxTalks]

[Gif: Jesse Williams accepting his BET Award]