This week I was supposed to publish a post about the 2016 election [Update: Here it is]. After many tears, anger, frustration and bargaining I decided maybe I wasn’t ready to properly express myself about it. Instead, I’m gonna share about something we desperately need.

[Video: The Importance of Female Superheroes by Christopher Bell for TedxTalks]

As a man I will say this to our patriarchal society and culture:

We need more female lead. We need to see women matter. We need stories about women. We need to come to terms with not screwing over millions of women because we don’t like one. We need more women in leadership roles. We need to learn to not generalize women. We need to accept society is inherently sexist and fight to change that rather than reject it.

And right now more than anything, I need women to be superheroes because I refuse to let angry mostly white bitter and nostalgic men pull them by the hair into being damsels in distress.

I planned this post weeks ago to fit in a celebration of the first female president in the USA, but now it’s to educate because I am full of grief. Next week I will publish more about women in film and television. This isn’t over yet. Like a candidate who lost despite popular vote “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

[Photo and Gifs: Marvel’s Agent Carter by ABC]