So, here we go. This election season has been plagued by the most unprepared candidates in history. Ricky Rosello for us in Puerto Rico and Donald Trump in the United States, and they both won. In Puerto Rico, our social media and news outlets called for an outsider, and disagree that it was the son of a previous governor and part of a major party for Statehood in our Island that was actually true in the Donald’s case. Yes, this pussy grabbing, look at my one black supporter, Muslim hating fascist wannabe with small hands that called Mexicans rapists that won was an outsider to what we are used to seeing emerge from D.C. So much so his early fanbase included white supremacists as the KKK and Neo-Nazis. All these people that voted Trump were willing to trade Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese, nuclear arms peace, healthcare, veterans, women rights, gay and trans rights to Make America Great for them.

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Yes, that guy won because people didn’t like the woman running against him… something about e-mails. It was a shock, not just because of the hate he has spread (the type of hate his voters have said doesn’t exist anymore) but because he lost the election by popular vote. Hillary Clinton. A woman with actual experience for that job. Common sense lost by a large margin because of what this blog is dedicated for, lack of diversity. Let’s try to understand this mess.

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The United States is a large country with diversity that are still segregated that mark the clear differences in ideologies between urban and rural parts, plus it has colonies with second class citizens that can’t vote in the presidential elections, it had a fairly large racist history that still rules the nation and I’m not referring to the Trump voters but the Electoral College. It was a system designed to benefit slave owners, violating the one person one rule because these 538 people accumulate the vote of nearly 150 million casted votes.

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Some people justify their continued existence that it spreads the impact of the vote throughout the country, but that is not fair as it gives more impact on rural America. A whiter and more conservative America. The majority of the country sides with liberals and Democrats but it is the conservatives that have it rigged with the Electoral College and gerrymandering, so that the America can’t actually decide who will be it’s leader.

Has this ever happened before? Yes, with Al Gore in 2000. He also won by popular vote but lost the election, just like Hillary (except she is the second most popular candidate behind Obama). That ended with two ongoing wars, a failing house market, a Wall Street bailout and a recession. We can only hope better but seeing as the world has become more globalized in these 16 years, it has had an effect worldwide. The economy is already worse than it was on Monday. The Mexican peso costs less, stocks are losing value, Japan had an emergency meeting on the market chaos to make sure the yen doesn’t fall too.

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In the news we see the people taking sides with Trump’s racist rhetoric as hate crimes spike up. In social media we have seen people organizing against Trump, we’ve seen protests, we have shared in collective mourning and shared our fears of returning to what he has repeated, a different America than we are used to.

While Trump has taken back several key positions and policies since Tuesday such as the Wall, removing Obamacare or the Muslim deportation/ban, it is still scary for us that are Latinx, LGBT, black, women, disabled, Native American, Asian and/or Jewish.

And let’s not forget Republicans also won the House and Senate, meaning Trump will get to pass his nominee for the Supreme Court, plus the majority of the States have Republican governors. It is gonna be a devastating white and conservative next four years. Trump has already had a talk with Obama, the White House staff summarizes exactly how most of us feel.

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