[Video: Why Stories Matter by Dylan Marron for NerdCon]

[Video: Diversity by TIFF with Ava DuVernary]

There are too many to count. I have been doing this for 25 years, and in that time span, there are way too many to count. And they’re very slick about it. They can’t really say that out loud, but you know what it is because they go a “different way.” And then you see it done and you see what the different way was each and every time. And it was the white way. [From Huffington Post]


[Video: Guillermo del Toro on The Strain Diversity for Access Hollywood]



[Video: Don’t just Talk about Whitewashing by Phillip Wang]


[Video: ‘Latinos Come In Many Shades’ by Gina Rodriguez for HuffPostLive]

“We’ve been talking about change for the last 100 years, honestly — you know, whether it’s the images that are put out there or the lack of images that are put out there, and it’s time,” she said. “Of course it’s changed, but has it changed as rapidly as we would like it to change? No. You’re up against a great deal of learned behavior, a great deal of a systemic kind of prejudice. That is hard to unravel.” – Gina Torres

[Video: Audiences Can Fix the Diversity Problem in Hollywood by Diego Luna for Variety]

This last one may be a bit too much but it really is beautiful, it is a half hour long speech by one of the most handsome men in the world:

[Video: Speech on diversity in the media and films by Idris Elba]