[Video: Stop Stereotyping Latinas by Mic]

We need Latinos in the arts more than ever, if you are unhappy with the way that Latinos are represented, the only thing you can do is create things to change that.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

Though it is not always easy to talk to people in power about better representation, it has worked, have a look at some of Sofia Vergara‘s experience with ABC’s Modern Family :

“And now the writers know more about the Latin culture than when I started doing the show, and they know me better, too. So at this point, I pretty much follow the script.

The Barranquilla-born star added that in the beginning the show’s writers were a bit lost when it came to how to portray Colombians.

“One time we were at a party with Colombians [in a scene], and the Colombians were dressed like Mexicans,” Vergara said. “So I went to the writers and was like, ‘Colombians don’t dress like that.’ Little things like that, but now they’re really good about it.”

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